Anantham Silks Company was started in the month of February 1990. This was initiated by Deiva Thiru P. Sankaramoorthy Moopanaar.

They are one of the most famous and well developed retail cloth merchant company in Ramnadhapuram and its surrounding cities. The customers from all areas are attracted towards the Anantham Silks Shop because of the reduced price, good quality, huge varieties of collection and caring way of the sellers to the customers. These factors made Anantham silks as top selling company in Ramanadhapuram district.

Anantham silks made their presence known in Kumbakonam in 2013. Their expansion also included the cities of Thiruvaroor, Thiruchi, Tanjore and Nagapatinam. Today, they are turning their focus on continued expansion, adding to their product line and maintaining the highest quality product they can produce. In this effort to continue their expansion, they are now entering the online space with this website.

Recently i.e. on June 16th 2016 they have opened another showroom @ Thanjavur.